By Johnnie Ray Kornegay III | @jayrayisthename

Today was going to be completely different. In my mind, as with always, I over-thought - “Yes, “ashes...,” an e-photo book. That’s what I’ll do. It’ll be great. Let me get on that.”

The question was always, how will I protest this day artistically?

I was on a date with Adrian at a vinyl collectors event in Atlanta. I was losing all of my mind, and my money, spending what little I had on sounds. We walked past a table, and it had David Bowie’s Lodger on display. I remembered remarking, "I don’t think Bowie remembered that record." I received an email. It was 12:29 PM on Sunday, November 20th, and the subject was “Ashes To Ashes….” Of course Bowie recorded a song “Ashes To Ashes,” on the album immediately following Lodger, then I noticed the attachment, so I plugged in my headphones, and hit play.

I called Kipper immediately and said “OH MY GOD, you’re RAPPING … and well!” Thus began our quest to release the single to the world.

How would I protest this day artistically?

When Kipper and I met at Starbucks late one evening, he had a clear idea, mix the song and create a lyric video to release on Inauguration Day 2017. I loved the idea, and suggested that consider taking his idea and make it a full-blown challenge to other artists, and he thought that was great, so we began to flush out what the #InaugurationDayChallenge would look like.

How would I protest this day artistically?

Enter Carl Casey II. I saw Carl’s short clip of Kipper from a Café 290 performance, and said “WOW, great quality and an interesting cut.” Kipper suggested that we use him to film a full music video for “Ashes To Ashes….” I loved the idea, of course, and agreed that it would be dope. Internally, I was like "OMG, it has to be great, and we need it to be great. The idea’s great, but the video has to be really great."

How would I protest this day artistically?

I had no creative ideas running through my mind, but in my evenings I’d set out on assisting with administration of the filming of “Ashes To Ashes….” Initial footage from Carl was impressive, and for the interior shots, I was able to set up my living room as a sound stage, using lighting to set the appropriate mood. It was nice to be able to stand behind the scenes and watch the process and document it.

How would I protest this day artistically?

We needed a “Trump-like” figure. My boy Trey was gracious enough to drop through one evening. Kipper got this Trump wig, and after a million apologies to Trey for having to do this, we set out to film the pivotal “interrogation” sequence of the video. I once again was able to step behind and capture moments from the filming.

When should I put out my e-book “ashes…?” Up until this morning, it was coming out at 9:00 AM, but then I took a step back. I’d been a producer on a complete and pivotal artistic endeavor, and I had additional art to support it.

Resistance can show up in many ways. My contribution to Kipper Jones’ “Ashes To Ashes…” is my protest.

#SpeakLoudly #RESIST

Photography: Johnnie Ray Kornegay III