Show #5 - Guest I, CED (@i_ced)

In 2008 when Jay Ray first began to discover the music of I, CED, he had no idea that he would one day get to talk to the man who's created beautiful sounds with artists as diverse as Hawthorne Headhunters, Coultrain and Shuggie Otis. In this interview Jay and Ced talk about the music, his process and it's layered with a whole lot of music from I, CED, and some other joints too. Enjoy this rare interview. Follow I, CED on Twitter at i_ced!


I, CED - "Beyond The Stars" (f/ Stopha Vasquez) (Buy on Bandcamp)
I, CED - "Love ... Meaning" (f/ Coultrain) (Buy on Bandcamp)
Hawthorne Headhunters - "A Song About Her" (Ced No Remix) (Buy on iTunes)
I, CED - "Now Or Later" (f/ Stopha Vasquez) (Buy on Bandcamp)
Stopha Vasquez - "Someday Soon" (UNRELEASED)
I, CED - "Soon" (f/ Stopha Vasquez) (Buy on Bandcamp)
Coultrain - "Balancing Act" (Buy on iTunes)
Hawthorne Headhunters - "Everybody Wants To Be Alive" (f/ Joi) (Listen on Soundcloud)
Shuggie Otis - "Aht Uh Mi Hed" (Buy on iTunes)
I, CED - "Things We Like To Do" (UNRELEASED)