Show #7 - Guests Ron Shirley II (@RonShirleyII) & Melody Reyne (@MelodyReyne)

Jay chats with 1/2 of the House of Lotus ATL team Ron Shirley II & Melody Reyne. They chat about music, art, inspiration and Ron's new EP "Spectrum" and Melody's new EP "I Am." In between we play a lot of good music, drink beer and hang out in the infamous "House!" You can buy Melody's EP at and catch up with Ron on Facebook


#FeaturedSound - Plewto Smith - Renny The Box Beater (Fischer Music Club)

Melody Reyne - Four Five Seconds (Acoustic)
Ron Shirley II - Faces (Soundcloud)
Melody Reyne - Our Song (Soundcloud)
Uchenna X Ron Shirley II - DRUGS (Soundcloud)
Melody Reyne - Charlie (Soundcloud)
Ron Shirley II - True Colors (Soundcloud)