Show #19 - Breaking Atoms: A Conversation With DDm on Being Black, Gay and an MC


What does it mean to love music that doesn’t always affirm the full you? What does it mean to love hip hop so much that, despite all of the things that say you shouldn’t, you decide to be an out Black gay rapper? During this event Black gay photographer and artist manager Johnnie Ray Kornegay III sat down for a one on one, in front of a live audience with Baltimore MC DDm. DDm’s style is rooted in classic battle rap. Johnnie explores DDm’s journey as a rapper by discussing his history, inspirations and how he’s managed to navigate the hip hop industry as an out Black gay man. The highs, lows and everything in between.

Breaking Atoms: A Conversation With DDm About Being Black, Gay and an MC will be an intimate discussion that dives deep into what it means to be part of the LGBTQ community and in the business of hip hop.

Yes, we talk about his incredibly popular Secretary of Shade.

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Images from the event (All images by Kirklan Hawes / XL Tribe)

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