Show #21 - Daddy Rod


Following up on their 2015 photoshoot, on this episode of Seeing Sounds Johnnie welcomes kinkster and leatherman Daddy Rod. Daddy Rod is a photographer, DJ and community advocate who’s very active in the leather community. Johnnie & Rod discuss what it means to wear leather, why it all isn’t fashion, sexual fetishes, self-acceptance and history.

He’s the ONYX National Treasurer and Social Media Coordinator and co-founder of the Atlanta BDSM workshops. He’s also the executor of the Southeast Annex of the Jill Carter/Vi Johnson Carter Library and Archive. You can check out his music mixes, erotic/fetish photography on his website He also makes a delicious peach cobbler.

This show is produced by Staticc

Theme Music by Myles Tha Sixteenth

Photography of Daddy Rod by Malik Shabazz


Daddy Rod’s Interview For a Fetish Documentary (NSFW)


Daddy Rod & Laguan by Johnnie Ray Kornegay III (2015)