Paris Crayton III

Show #2 - Guests Dianne Cusack Butler and Joanie McElroy

We are thrilled to spend time with Dianne Cusack Butler and Joanie McElroy to discuss their artistic journey. Dianne stars in and Joanie directs Crazyanity opening in Atlanta on May 7, 2015. For more information on Crazyanity visit This show includes music from Chris McClenney and Byron the Aquarius.

Chris McClenney - Let You Be (Soundcloud)
Byron the Aquarius - KuMaSuTra feat. MDMA (Soundcloud)

Show #1 - Guests Paris Crayton III, Starlett Hill & Kenneth Camp II

In our first show, we spend time with award-winning playwright Paris Crayton III, writer of the new play Crazyanity, opening in Atlanta on May 7, 2015. Two stars in the play, Starlett Hill & Kenneth Camp II, join us for a lively discussion about what acting means to them, and if they really have to imagine the crowd naked. It's a fun time! For more information on Crazyanity visit

Brandon Williams - Imtimidation (From the album XII. Purchase on iTunes)
Nappy Roots - Doesn't Matter (f/ Micah Freeman) (Purchase on iTunes)
Muhsinah - Somebody Else (Listen on Soundcloud)
India Shawn - Outer Limits (From the EP Outer Limits. Listen on Soundcloud)
Hudson Mohawke - Ryderz (From the forthcoming release Lantern. Purchase the single and pre-order the record on iTunes)
Jean Grae - underneathu (From the EP 5. Purchase on Bandcamp)
Elhae - Halfway Love (From the EP Aura. Listen on Soundcloud)
Micah Freeman - The Red (Listen on Soundcloud)
Davon Unltd - BeYOUtiful (Happy) (Listen on Soundcloud)
Electric Wire Hustle - Look Into The Sky (Seven Davis Jr. Remix) (Listen on Soundcloud)