Show #23 - Travon M. Bracey

Show #23 - Travon M. Bracey

On this episode of Seeing Sounds we welcome Travon Bracey, creative director of fashion and art. Travon operates his own online fashion and culture website ArtREV: The Hub and is known for his writing, wardrobe styling and fashion merchandising. Travon and I dive deep into his creative history, inspirations, and Travon opens up about his journey to his own mental wellness.

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Show #22 - Daniel D. Edwards

Show #22 - Daniel D. Edwards

On this episode Johnnie chats with storyteller Daniel D. Edwards. Daniel uses photography to address sensitive social and personal topics.  His goal is to spark constructive conversation. His work is a culmination of multiple interests with the goal of creating a solid foundation for his non-profit BlackVign.

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Show #21 - Daddy Rod

Show #21 - Daddy Rod

On this episode of Seeing Sounds Johnnie welcomes kinkster and leatherman Daddy Rod. Daddy Rod is a photographer, DJ and community advocate who’s very active in the leather community. Johnnie & Rod discuss what it means to wear leather, why it all isn’t fashion, sexual fetishes, self-acceptance and history.

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Show #19 - Breaking Atoms: A Conversation With DDm on Being Black, Gay and an MC (Part 1)

Show #19 - Breaking Atoms: A Conversation With DDm on Being Black, Gay and an MC (Part 1)

What does it mean to love music that doesn’t always affirm the full you? What does it mean to love hip hop so much that, despite all of the things that say you shouldn’t, you decide to be an out Black gay rapper? During this event Black gay photographer and artist manager Johnnie Ray Kornegay III sat down for a one on one, in front of a live audience with Baltimore MC DDm. DDm’s style is rooted in classic battle rap. Johnnie explores DDm’s journey as a rapper by discussing his history, inspirations and how he’s managed to navigate the hip hop industry as an out Black gay man. The highs, lows and everything in between.

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Show #11 - Guest Alan Avery

On this show Jay sits down with Alan Avery owner of the Alan Avery Art Company in Atlanta, GA. Alan's gallery is the oldest surviving contemporary art gallery in the city, and his programming doesn't shy away from difficult issues around class, race and the American South. In this conversation they chat about Alan's history and what it takes to run a successful gallery. 

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Gaelle & Chris Brånn - Release (Soundcloud)
BOSCO - LOTF (Love On The Floor) (Soundcloud)
Byron The Aquarius - PrOtoTypE (Bandcamp)
LO'99 - All Night (Beatport)

Show #10 - Guest Minka Wiltz (@MINKAWILTZ)

Sometimes the road we travel leads to beautiful art. If we're lucky we get the opportunity to express it. In this discussion Jay sits down with Actor/Singer Minka Wiltz (www.minkawiltz.com) to discuss her journey to creating her new one-woman show, Shaking The Wind (www.shakingthewind.net). Through the trials, and through the journey, Minka talks honestly about her singing career and coming to terms with the relationship with her mother. May we all find strength in Minka's story. Shaking The Wind runs 8/14-8/16 at the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center in Atlanta.

All music can be found on Minka's Reverbnation page.

Photography by Jay Ray / Body Art by Curron Gajadhar

Photography by Jay Ray / Body Art by Curron Gajadhar

Show #9 - Guest Michi Meko (@MichiMeko)

Art is truly powerful. It can teach our history all while embodying our future. In this discussion Jay sits down with artist Michi Meko to discuss his work and philosophy. The two cover a lot of ground from Michi’s upbringing in Florence, Alabama, up through his artistic journey and thoughts on race in America. Michi’s newest exhibit, Pursuit: Almost Drowned, can be seen at the Alan Avery Art Company in Atlanta through August 8th. Visit http://www.alanaveryartcompany.com/ for more information. Visit http://www.michimeko.com/ for more information on Michi Meko.


Jay Electronica - Better In Tune With The Infinite (Unreleased)
Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Doing It To Death (iTunes)
Zikomo + James Anderson - That Feeling (Soundcloud)
Johannes Heinen/Donald Holtermanns - Liebeste (Soundcloud)
Big Joe Turner - World Of Trouble (iTunes)
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (iTunes)

Michi Meko by Jay Ray

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Show #8 - Guest Carlton Hargro

In this lively phone conversation, Jay Ray chats with Journalist, Editor and Media Personality Carlton Hargro. Carlton writes for Creative Loafing ATL, has his own magazine, Slo*Mo (www.slomoatl.com), and he co-hosts Mo Audio on  AB+L Radio (www.ablradio.com). Carlton schools us on what Soul Music means to him and what's playing in his headphones.


Daymé Arocena - Drama (iTunes)
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (iTunes)
Tame Impala - The Moment (iTunes)
Majid Jordan - Her (iTunes)
Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Agita (iTunes)
Fernanda Noronha - Vai La Brazil (iTunes)
Bebel Gilberto - August Day Song (iTunes)

Show #7 - Guests Ron Shirley II (@RonShirleyII) & Melody Reyne (@MelodyReyne)

Jay chats with 1/2 of the House of Lotus ATL team Ron Shirley II & Melody Reyne. They chat about music, art, inspiration and Ron's new EP "Spectrum" and Melody's new EP "I Am." In between we play a lot of good music, drink beer and hang out in the infamous "House!" You can buy Melody's EP at www.melodyreyne.com and catch up with Ron on Facebook


#FeaturedSound - Plewto Smith - Renny The Box Beater (Fischer Music Club)

Melody Reyne - Four Five Seconds (Acoustic)
Ron Shirley II - Faces (Soundcloud)
Melody Reyne - Our Song (Soundcloud)
Uchenna X Ron Shirley II - DRUGS (Soundcloud)
Melody Reyne - Charlie (Soundcloud)
Ron Shirley II - True Colors (Soundcloud)

Show #6 - Guest Dj 100K! (@itsdj100K)

Jay sits down with DJ/Producer Dj 100K!, Founder of The Influencers Present & Fischer Music Club. They chat about influences, upbringing and DJing. In between 100K! spins some of his own music! For more information on Dj 100K! visit www.dj100k.com.


All Music by Dj 100K! (Soundcloud | iTunes)
So Natural
Stay Crunk
That's The Way Love Goes (DJ 100K! Remix)
Make Me Move (f/ Karen Alise)

Show #5 - Guest I, CED (@i_ced)

In 2008 when Jay Ray first began to discover the music of I, CED, he had no idea that he would one day get to talk to the man who's created beautiful sounds with artists as diverse as Hawthorne Headhunters, Coultrain and Shuggie Otis. In this interview Jay and Ced talk about the music, his process and it's layered with a whole lot of music from I, CED, and some other joints too. Enjoy this rare interview. Follow I, CED on Twitter at i_ced!


I, CED - "Beyond The Stars" (f/ Stopha Vasquez) (Buy on Bandcamp)
I, CED - "Love ... Meaning" (f/ Coultrain) (Buy on Bandcamp)
Hawthorne Headhunters - "A Song About Her" (Ced No Remix) (Buy on iTunes)
I, CED - "Now Or Later" (f/ Stopha Vasquez) (Buy on Bandcamp)
Stopha Vasquez - "Someday Soon" (UNRELEASED)
I, CED - "Soon" (f/ Stopha Vasquez) (Buy on Bandcamp)
Coultrain - "Balancing Act" (Buy on iTunes)
Hawthorne Headhunters - "Everybody Wants To Be Alive" (f/ Joi) (Listen on Soundcloud)
Shuggie Otis - "Aht Uh Mi Hed" (Buy on iTunes)
I, CED - "Things We Like To Do" (UNRELEASED)

Show #4 - Guests Jeremy Avalon & Fish Scales

In this two-part episode, Jay Ray is joined by DJ/Producer/Musician Jeremy Avalon and Rapper Fish Scales from the seminal hip hop group Nappy Roots. This is a lively discussion about music, inspirations, history and the creative process. Jay sings a lot of old songs in the show.

Join Jeremy Avalon and the rest of the WERC Crew at VIBES on June 11th and again at KINGDOM COME: An Afropolitan Experience on June 23rd! Visit www.wercatl.com for more information!

Buy the latest Nappy Roots album "The 40 Akerz Project" at www.nappyroots.com!

Playlist (Show #1)
It's Love - Naked Music NYC (iTunes)
No Static - Nappy Roots (iTunes)
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle - Nirvana (iTunes)
Day Like This - Theo Parrish & Tony Allen (iTunes)
Rocket 88 - Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats (iTunes)

Playlist (Show #2)
Trying People - De La Soul (Out of Print)
Underneath - Jeremy Avalon (SoundCloud)
Melting Pot - Nappy Roots (NappyRoots.com)
Alright! (feat. Paul Randolph) - Church Boy Lou (Dirt Tech Reck)

Show #3 - Guest Chef India Ramos Co-Hosts Fonda Clayton Smith and Chef RaNeisha Myers

Jay Ray is joined by Fonda Clayton Smith (FondaClayton.com) and Chef RaNeisha Myers in the kitchen of guest, Chef India Ramos. We eat an amazing meal, and have great conversation about life, food, love and following your passion! It's a delicious discussion! Connect with Chef Ramos at www.urbanvineswc.com!

Have some of Chef Ramos' food at KINGDOM COME: An Afropolitan Experience on June 23rd!

Sebella - Loving Like This (via Soundcloud)
BOSCO - BOY feat. Jace of Two-9 (via Soundcloud)
Tuxedo - The Right Time (Kaytranada Remix) (via Soundcloud)
Lil Silva - 606 (via Soundcloud)
Jordan Rakei - Selfish (via Soundcloud)
DJ 100k - Make Me Move feat. Karen Alise (via Amazon)

Seeing Sounds Special #1 - HIV Criminalization & Black Gay Men

At the culmination of the conviction of Michael Johnson for exposing his sexual partners to HIV, Jay Ray spoke to Charles Stephens of The Counter Narrative Project about HIV Criminalization, Black Gay Men and the Prison Industrial Complex. Mr. Stephens is co-editor of "Black Gay Genius: Answering Joseph Beam's Call." Click here to purchase the book.

Jazzanova - Little Bird (Featuring Jose James) (iTunes)

Books Referenced
In The Life - Joseph Beam
Brother to Brother - Essex Hemphill
Ceremonies - Essex Hemphill