The Heavens Have Opened Up And Prince's Cover Of Radiohead's "Creep" Has Hit The Net! See It Before It's Gone AGAIN!

Back in 2008, Prince did something rather unexpected - Coachella (yes, THAT Coachella). One of the highlights that has lived on in infamy is the Prince cover of the seminal Radiohead smash classic "Creep" that you only heard or saw, if you attended the festival. See, there was one problem, Prince was and is notoriously internet shy (putting it nicely, of course), so the clip was up then it was down REALLY quick. In fact, I read once that Thom Yorke (yes, THAT Thom Yorke) wanted to see it too! 

Well, goodness gracious! It's BACK up! Man, it's rather gorgeous! ENJOY!