Review: BOSCO - BOY (EP) / @helloBOSCO

Atlanta has come a long way since the late-80’s resurgence as a mecca for migrant R&B musicians to the early-90’s funk-infused experimentation of Organized Noize. Atlanta is a cosmopolitan metropolis with many different sides to explore. From the traffic to suburban neighborhoods to food havens - Atlanta is a mix of old, new and future converging.

It’s in this construct that BOSCO’s current sound incubates and seeps. BOY feels full, but if you explore it deeply, NEVR's productions are rather sparse. All of the songs have room to breath, and BOSCO's vocals cut through. All of the tempos are slow. Things only speed up (a little) for “ROSENWOOD | Pour The Whiskey” which pleasantly harkens back to Bjork’s Homogenic excursion.

It’s not R&B, it’s not Pop, it’s not Rock, it’s not Funk, it’s not Electronic. It’s all of it!

Just like roaming the streets of Atlanta today, BOY combines the familiar with the infusion of new. BOY doesn’t land anywhere. It hovers over us like a spaceship. The bright lights and beats hypnotize us before it flies off.

We blink and yearn for the experience again.

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