#Atlanta Prepares To Celebrate The Innovator @MissyElliott At @TheSirDaniel's #SupaDupaSoundset SATURDAY!

Atlanta's DJ Sir Daniel continues his Shuffle & Repeat Party by celebrating Missy Elliott. Elliott, fresh off her VH1 Hip Hop Honors celebration, has experienced a resurgence since her 2015 Super Bowl appearance and late-2015 release of the hit "WTF (Where They From)."

Elliot's extensive solo, collaborative, writing and production catalog will be explored. 


Michi Meko's (@MichiMeko) Ship Vanished, But Reemerged "Gold" - An Artist Conversation At Alan Avery Art Co.

Artist, Philosopher, Speaker, Human, Michi Meko's exhibit "Pursuit: Almost Drowned" closes at the Alan Avery Art Company on Saturday, August 8th. He sat down for an artist conversation about the work, and delivers his own version of "gold." Check it out below.

After you watch, check out our show with Michi on Seeing Sounds!

Jay Ray (@jayrayisthename) Takes An #Excursion To Sean Fahie's (@seanfahie) #GroupPhoto Event

by Jay Ray / @jayrayisthename

When all the dust settles, and all the stories have been told, the one definitive gift we leave behind is that which we create.

Sean Fahie understands Atlanta. He's quite possibly the most uniting force in the art scene. If I go back and listen to all of my Seeing Sounds shows, he's probably the most consistent person mentioned by other people. That kind of spirit you can't fake.

Sean had and idea. (I'd imagine he has lots of them.) Get a bunch of creatives together and take a group photo. This seems like an innocent idea, but there's precedent for this sort of idea - the most iconic being A Great Day In Harlem by Art Kane or, even closer to home, John Croom's 2003 image A Great Day In Atlanta.

So while Sean's "Group Photo" idea seems innocent and fun - this is one of the things in Atlanta history that will be studied long after we're gone. Nope, you can't fake that funk! 

Official photography for the shoot was by Artemus Jenkins. (It should be noted that he's so freaking talented!!!) Official photos can be found at

Below are my "behind the scenes" photos of the day through my eyes.

Jay Ray (@jayrayisthename) Takes An Excursion To WERC (@werc_crew) At Vibes (Photo Journal)

By Jay Ray / (@jayrayisthename)

Late nights in Atlanta are never boring. No matter what day of the week it is, if you really want to, in Atlanta you can. (Insert your definition of "can" here.) The WERC Crew is your classic example of "EMERGING" that actually emerged in a major way in 2014. If you were even somewhat in the know, you knew about a WERC event, and were excited to be part of the experience.

When it was announced that Gravez (@GravezMusic) #StaticcFav Chris McClenney (@MisterMcClenney) (BTW, here's your opportunity to get hip to him. Click) was visiting for a DJ set I decided to make a stop through. Admittedly something I haven't done in a while, because my schedule has gotten so hectic. I was very committed to making it, though. On Fourth of July. In Atlanta. Near Centennial Park. Yeah, this was going to be a thing.

The day of, I texted Will Edmond to see if I could bring my camera in. I'd never actually done any capturing before, and I was hopeful it'd be ok if I did. I received a swift text back - "No, I don't mind at all, bro. See you soon." So, about 10:00p off I set out on my journey. Traveling along with me was Mr. Traffic and Ms. Rain beginning to pour. I was not about to be outdone. I had my poncho AND camera bag cover. I am kind of a Boy Scout that way.

Vibes, as an event, captures the classic spirit of parties of the past, infusing the space with classic vibes interpreted in a new way. (See my piece about Soulection for more about what I mean.) Interestingly, I didn't get to stay to actually hear Mr. McClenney. When my spirit says move, I tend to just do that, but before I did I captured what I saw that night. Below is the result.

WERC is important to the future of Atlanta, by bridge building sonically. Vibes is just one example of that.