Ron Shirley II

Melody Reyne (@MelodyReyne) Drops "I Am," Celebrates Her Birthday & Staticc Drops The Interview With Her and Ron Shirley II (@RonShirleyII)

A couple of weeks ago, Jay Ray had the pleasure of being invited into the House Of Lotus to chat with Melody Reyne & Ron Shirley II. During that conversation he learned that Melody was dropping her newest EP, and today's the day! 

Listen to the show below!

As Melody remarks in the interview, she enjoys writing about love. "I Am" is a work curated to wet the palettes of new fans, and satisfy the needs of existing ones. Her voice dances over the tracks creating a visual soundscape that will certainly fill many cars throughout the Summer nights. 

Staticc is excited to see what Ms. Reyne delivers next! Purchase your copy at!