Review: @WERC_Crew's Rockers Vol. 1 - Drums, Black Life, Ancestors and the Rhythm


America has arrived at an interesting cultural point. We have this juxtaposed image of black opulence and indifference (i.e. Nicki Minaj not knowing what award she was winning at the BET Awards), physical attacks on black bodies and pictures of the charred cinder of institutions of black freedom - the church. 

“Rockers Vol. 1,” a compilation from Atlanta’s DJ/Tastemaker/Musician crew du jour, opens with an important reminder for the world - “drums originated in Africa.” Layered, divergent, dark and accessible all at once, “Rockers Vol. 1” is both of this time and of a time long before. Because the drum is such an important part of the global black experience, you can’t help but experience “Rockers Vol. 1” through a spiritual lens.

“Rockers Vol. 1” is designed to make you dance. The idea of dancing invokes the spirits of ancestors long before, who gave their lives for the ability for all of us to create a world where we can dance together, as one, without prejudgement. WERC has positioned itself uniquely in the Atlanta music scene - elevating the nightlife experience using foundational concepts from our ancestors. What better way to honor those original rockers who created the road we travel? Talk to them while we’re dancing. “Rockers Vol. 1” is a good way to get us started.

Catch Vibes w/ #StaticcFav Chris McClenney + Gravez on July 4th!

Byron the Aquarius x Dillon Drop "Dilla Dedication" Gem

#StaticcFav Byron the Aquarius (@AquariusMusiq) and Dillon (@dillonmaurer) dropped a gem on the world with "KeepDoinYaThang" from their unreleased (hopefully forthcoming, if we're lucky) Dilla Dedication EP. The track is a fitting tribute to the Detroit legend. Thanks Byron and Dillon for providing this gift to the world. What better catalyst revisit the Slum Village catalog than this smooth track as a reminder of the dopeness.