Dawn Richard's (@DawnRichard) quest to one-up just about everyone continues. She wins w/ interactive #LazarusUnderLights.

Watch the new video and manipulate the screen by dragging it around at

How we [people] respond to music! Music by @markprtchrd Vocals by @thomyorke Visuals by @shynolafilms #DOPE Via @nowness #Audi

From Nowness

London-based filmmakers Shynola delve into the personal nature of music in a new video for our series with Audi. Known for their videos for Hot Chip, Tiësto and Coldplay, the film collective captures two dancers as they perform different interpretations of the same choreography—to the sound of a new track from Warp producer Mark Pritchard, featuring vocals from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. Here, director Richard Kenworthy talks about the inspiration behind the video: 

“We filmed two fantastic dancers over one hundred miles apart and on separate days, then brought their performances together through meticulous editing. The natural way their movement merges veils the complexity of how it was made. 

"I say moon and she say sun" Revisiting @terencenance's celebration of blackness, "Swimming in Your Skin Again"

Sometimes you come across something you can't bear to turn away from, and enters Swimming in Your Skin Again. Predating Beyonce's Lemonade by four months, this film gives us a dynamic, spiritual glimpse into the Black experience.

An experimental short based on the work of musician and producer Norvis Jr from American filmmaker Terence Nance, who has made music videos for The Dig and Cody Chesnutt, and whose debut feature An Oversimplification of Her Beauty was executive produced by Jay Z. Read the feature on NOWNESS -

#Atlanta Prepares To Celebrate The Innovator @MissyElliott At @TheSirDaniel's #SupaDupaSoundset SATURDAY!

Atlanta's DJ Sir Daniel continues his Shuffle & Repeat Party by celebrating Missy Elliott. Elliott, fresh off her VH1 Hip Hop Honors celebration, has experienced a resurgence since her 2015 Super Bowl appearance and late-2015 release of the hit "WTF (Where They From)."

Elliot's extensive solo, collaborative, writing and production catalog will be explored.