How we [people] respond to music! Music by @markprtchrd Vocals by @thomyorke Visuals by @shynolafilms #DOPE Via @nowness #Audi

From Nowness

London-based filmmakers Shynola delve into the personal nature of music in a new video for our series with Audi. Known for their videos for Hot Chip, Tiësto and Coldplay, the film collective captures two dancers as they perform different interpretations of the same choreography—to the sound of a new track from Warp producer Mark Pritchard, featuring vocals from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. Here, director Richard Kenworthy talks about the inspiration behind the video: 

“We filmed two fantastic dancers over one hundred miles apart and on separate days, then brought their performances together through meticulous editing. The natural way their movement merges veils the complexity of how it was made. 

The Heavens Have Opened Up And Prince's Cover Of Radiohead's "Creep" Has Hit The Net! See It Before It's Gone AGAIN!

Back in 2008, Prince did something rather unexpected - Coachella (yes, THAT Coachella). One of the highlights that has lived on in infamy is the Prince cover of the seminal Radiohead smash classic "Creep" that you only heard or saw, if you attended the festival. See, there was one problem, Prince was and is notoriously internet shy (putting it nicely, of course), so the clip was up then it was down REALLY quick. In fact, I read once that Thom Yorke (yes, THAT Thom Yorke) wanted to see it too! 

Well, goodness gracious! It's BACK up! Man, it's rather gorgeous! ENJOY!

Curron Gajadhar (@aspernaut) Shares His California Journey At #barrunning #Fitness #Artist #Atlanta

Yes, we miss Aspernaut in Atlanta! The random jumps over buildings and climbs up walls, but most importantly his skilled strokes on the canvas. He is, however, on one of the best journeys and he took some time out to share what's happening at out in Sacramento!

Mykki Blanco (@mykkiblanco) Continues To Stun Us In Clip For "Coke White, Starlight"

Early on, it was very clear that Mykki Blanco took the visuals of his art as seriously as the musical presentation. Mykki's persona and Glam Rock/Rap/Rock/Punk hybrid sound is refreshing in today's musical landscape. I am always compelled watching a video from him. "Coke White, Starlight" doesn't disappoint me. 

Enter the dark and fearless world of Mykki Blanco The artist gets drugged up, stabs an octopus and swims through the oceans of Greece in her wildest video to date Read the full article here: Mykki Blanco presents C-ORE Album : Listen / Buy Here Find DAZED on: Facebook

#TheVoiceOfHipHop: James Lewis (@iamjameslewis) #Rapper #Voices #Sounds

Today is our first weekly focus on the voices of rappers. Our subject today: James Lewis.

It's weird how we associate voices with a time and place. The moment I heard James Lewis I could picture myself when I was in college, some twenty years ago, and Gang Starr or PM Dawn might be playing in my headphones. His voice is reminiscent of a time when the diversity of rapper's voices was a commodity. His tone is husky and matched with his flow makes you feel like he might be singing, but he isn't.

Listen to James Lewis, preferably with red wine and maybe some candles ... and maybe that someone you consider special.