Networking For Creatives

Course Overview


Class Length: 00:40:37

Course Access: 60 Days

Level: Beginner

Target Audience: Anyone

Class Description:

I often get asked the question - "how do you network?" It was one of those things I had to think about, because it's become such a regular part of my routine, that I just do it. 

"Networking For Creatives" was developed with the creative professional in mind, but is appropriate for all individuals interested in improving their skills at networking.

There are seven (7) lessons covering Networking Basics, How Networking Works, Developing An Elevator Speech, Managing Relationships and Online Networking.

Videos are supplemented by assignments. Participants will have the opportunity to chat with me weekly during  office hours to answer questions and provide coaching.

Supplemental Value

Weekly Q&A w/ Jay Ray

Four Technical Skills Building Lessons To Build Efficiency

Course Lessons

Lesson 1 - The Secret Sauce (4:23)

Lesson 2 - The Basics (7:16) - Workbook Assignment

Lesson 3 - You and Your Business (5:33) - Workbook Assignment

Lesson 4 - What The Internet Says About You (6:00) - Workbook Assignment + Skills Building

Lesson 5 - Developing Your Elevator Speech & Selecting Events (6:36) - Workbook Assignment + Skills Building

Lesson 6 - Attending Events & Following Up (5:56)

Lesson 7 - Maintaining Relationships & Online Networking (4:54) + Skills Building