When Johnnie Ray Kornegay III stepped out to take his final bow after his professional acting debut as “Rashad” in the Atlanta production of Jeff Stetson’s The Meeting in February 2015, it was a moment he describes as “surreal.” You see, Mr. Kornegay wasn’t an actor before he acted. In fact, he had no intention of acting at all. His initial idea of his role with The Meeting was solely as a producer, but that was before his co-producers and co-stars thought to cast him. He laughs and remarked "that is the story of my life."

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Johnnie Ray Kornegay III wears many hats. He is a storyteller, consultant and coach. He is the Network Director for Counter Narrative Project, a non profit organization advocating around issues impacting Black gay men. He is also the Founder & Artistic Director of Staticc Art & Life, LLC, an arts company with the mission “delivering beauty to the world.”

As an advocate, Johnnie has been involved in HIV and civil rights advocacy for as long as he can remember. During his college years he trained with the American Red Cross in HIV education, and did outreach work for the Chester AIDS Coalition. Johnnie is passionate about blending his experiences into his non-profit work. For Counter Narrative Project he hosts the podcast Counter Point. In 2016, the two public bodies of photographic and video work he exhibited  - #BeTheFlame and untitled - included themes dealing with the impact of HIV on Black gay men.

“Johnnie’s contributions to the overall business far exceeds anything that I can ever put into words.  His expertise for processes, systems and technology has aided the business in its progression..." 
- Former Boss

As an artistic consultant, his client list includes Kipper Jones, Aspernaut Arts, Marcus Emel, The Brown Dance Project, Fonda Clayton, Fit 360 ATL, DJ Steve ChiProfess and Real Chicks Rock among others. He has created for a diverse body of projects including as producer for the video dance “the sound of a feeling” (2011) and the stage play The Meeting (2015). He’s also provided creative visualization for Soul Synergy (2013), Sonic Visuals (2013) and Soul Sistas Juke Joint (2014). From 1996-2000, while in college, Mr. Kornegay learned the music business from the inside out learning sound engineering and music production under the tutelage of Al Alberts, Jr. at The Sound Spa recording studios.

In addition to his work in the arts and non-profit world, Johnnie spent 15 years working in major corporations including Independence Blue Cross, Borders Group Inc. and The Home Depot in various functional and management roles. He is a subject matter expert in Recruiting, Call Center Operations and Professional Networking. He earned a Bachelors of Business Administration in Human Resources Administration and Risk Management & Insurance from Temple University in Philadelphia.

He blogs at and He also hosts his own art and life podcast, Seeing Sounds as well as The Counter Narrative Project podcast Counter Point. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and he currently operates out of Atlanta, GA.