I'd like to provide a bit of context for my work here. Earlier in my artistic career I dove more into videography and editing as part of my core artistic output. I found that, while I was able to produce quality content, my love really was to work closely with filmmakers to execute film projects. This page features several film projects that I have lead - all as Project Manager as well as other various roles.
Feature Film:  Outrun The Sky (2019)
I was approached in late-2018 by one of the co-Founders of a non-profit organization called THRIVE SS. They were considering writing a grant to produce a documentary. They contacted me to ask if I was available and willing to produce a documentary. I knew that my skills would fit best as a Producer and not videographer or editor. Once funds were provided, I served as  Co-Executive Producer, Co-Producer, Project Manager, Co-Editor for this feature documentary.

PSA: Georgia Equality Youth HIV Policy Advisors World AIDS Day HIV Modernization Message (2018)
For World AIDS Day 2018, I was approached by Georgia Equality to produce a PSA for their Youth HIV Policy Advisors program. The program participants developed their own scripts with the assistance of their leadership. For this project I served as Producer, Project Manager and Co-Editor.

Music Video: "Guy Like Me" (2017)
I was approached by musician Ron Shirley II about a concept that he had for a music video. He thought, based on my artistic output that I'd be interested in the project, and a good collaborator. I came on board as Producer and Project Manager for the music video for his song "Guy Like Me."

Music Video: "Ashes To Ashes ..." (2017)
Kipper Jones has been a client of mine for many years, and I've worked with him on many projects including Artist Management, Event Production, Photography, etc. Kipper had the idea of producing a music video in connection with his 2017 #InaugurationDayChallenge project. For this video I signed on to serve as Project Manager and Producer.

Short Film: Words With Tarver (2016)
Words With Tarver is a short film, featuring Kevin Tarver, that's part of a larger body of work called Four: Black Gay Men. The project includes a short documentary film with each subject sharing pieces of their stories. The exhibited project is meant to be shown alongside portraits of each participant. This project, Concept, Filming and Editing was all done by me.
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